Weird Causes of Back Pain and Neck Pain

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Sometimes the cause of your back and neck pain is obvious, such as a car accident or sports injury. More often, however, the cause remains a mystery, even as the pain gradually builds with time or inexplicably comes on overnight.

Though you may not be able to pinpoint it immediately, looking into your daily activities can often reveal some of the weird and unusual causes of back and neck pain; things you probably do without a second thought could actually be at the root of your pain!

Are These 8 Strange Factors Causing Your Back And Neck Pain?

8. Flip-Flops
They’re a summer staple for many, but the structure of the shoe, including having to “hold” it on with your toes as you take each step, actually alters your gait. Not only can this cause issues with your lower legs, knees and hips, but also wearing flip-flops can cause back pain.

7. Your Wallet
Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket? Sitting on this can throw your spine out of alignment, leading to muscle imbalances and tension that cause back and neck pain. A wallet in your back pocket can also compress your sciatic nerve, leading to sciatica and its related pain in your lower back or legs.

6. Your Couch
If you slouch or sit in an uncomfortable position, your muscles and ligaments can become overstretched, fatigued and strained over time.

Sitting actually puts more pressure on your back than standing, and when done for long periods, especially in an improper position such as with your neck craned to see the television, it creates muscle imbalances that are at the root cause of many cases of back and neck pain.

5. Shoulder and Piggyback Rides
Carrying your child on your shoulders or via piggyback is practical and fun, but the lifting process can easily stress and strain your back, neck and shoulders. Over time, this simple act can lead to muscle imbalances that cause chronic pain.

4. Sleeping on Your Stomach
This is arguably one of the worst positions to sleep in from a pain perspective, as it forces your head to turn to one side or the other, virtually guaranteeing that you’ll wake up with a sore and stiff neck. Ideally, try to sleep on your back or side instead, but if you’re a devout stomach sleeper, a soft thin pillow that allows your head and neck to stay in a straight line with your spine is best.

3. Neckties
If your necktie is too tight, it can easily increase muscle tension in your back, neck and shoulders. How tight is too tight? If you can’t slip a finger between your neck and your shirt collar, your tie is too tight.

2. The Wrong Chair
The average American spends anywhere from eight to 12 hours a day sitting, but doing so in a chair that causes you to sit up straight at a 90-degree angle can actually cause chronic back problems.

This is because sitting too upright places strain on your spine, which in turn causes your spinal disks to move and become misaligned. Many office chairs on the market will, unfortunately, keep your posture fixed in the 90-degree position, thereby potentially making your back pain worse.

Ideally, your chair should be designed in such a way that it reclines slightly andprevents you from slouching; only the best ergonomic chairs will do this.

1. A Long Commute
Do you spend a lot of time driving? If so it’s imperative that your seat is at the proper angle to your steering wheel to avoid back and neck strain. If you slouch forward at all in order to drive, muscle imbalances will inevitably result, and these are a key underlying factor in many cases of back and neck pain.

What To Do When Life Causes You Pain …

You may have noticed that many of these “strange” causes of back pain are actually quite common. But while you can easily swap out a poorly designed office chair or loosen your necktie, some causes of pain, such as a long commute or sleeping position, may not be so easy (or preferable) to change.

Still, abnormal postural conditions like those described are almost assuredly causing your muscles, joints and ligaments to function under increased stress and strain, eventually leading to failure (i.e. pain). You must address these issues to permanently relieve your pain.

First identify and then correct your muscle imbalances! Contact Chantelle @ 619-325-9771 to discuss strategies to relieve your back pain.

Article written by JESSE CANNONE | Published: JUNE 3, 2013

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