• Dr. Chantelle DeShazer L.Ac., Ph.D.
  • Andy Bramer, COPE Certified Health Coach

Healthy Weight = Healthy Living

Being at your optimal weight is a key component to living a healthy, happy life. Unfortunately it’s challenging to not only lose, but maintain a healthy weight, what with all the temptations in our daily lives. We offer programs to help lose weight safely and effectively and at the same time learning healthy habits for lifelong success.


We have been working with Optavia for over 10 years now and have helped hundreds of people lose weight and in the process, establish healthy habits to keep the weight off for life. This simple program is a great way to ‘learn while you lose!’

There are 3 basic stages of the Optavia weight loss program:

5 & 1 Optimal Weight Plan – ideal for losing weight and learning healthy habits

4-2-1 Plan – Flexible Meal Plan -just as it says, a flexible program that gently gets you on the path to a healthy weight

3 & 3 Maintenance Plan – once you’ve reached your goal, maintenance is your key to lifelong success

To understand more, watch the 5 & 1 Plan video and explore the others to learn more!

Contact us before ordering to get the best program and take advantage of any discounts or special offers!

To get started:

  1. Take the Health Quiz!
  2. Call us at 619-325-0771 to schedule time to discuss your current health situation and goals
  3. We can set up your online account and place your first food order
  4. Prior to receiving your Optavia meals, we’ll discuss how to prepare for the program
  5. Then you’ll start your Optavia Program
  6. As you start and move toward your goals we’ll discuss establishing habits along the way so when you reach your target weight, you can easily transition to maintenance and keep the weight off forever!

Virtual Consultations:

We can be your Health Coach even if you’re not a patient, or live in San Diego. We can support you at any level you like – our support is optional and free of charge when you follow the Optavia program. Over 20,000 physicians and over 1 million people have experienced this program. It works! We have personally experienced the benefits of this program along with many of our patients and hundreds of clients. We’re excited to share this path to a new level of health with you!

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