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Health conscious shoppers have many choices when it comes to health and nutrition solutions. There are thousands of companies with countless products available. At Meridian Acupuncture we recommend BodyHealth products to many of our clients as we believe being healthy and helping you live longer is really ‘simple’ and it starts with whole food nutrition.

The BodyHealth “Simple Process” philosophy was adopted from personal experiences and from the feedback we heard loud and clear from our patients. Everyone is tired of dieting or following complicated and costly nutrition programs. We are tired of the confusing messages regarding our health. We are tired of taking a variety of potions and pills and we are tired of being tired. We want real information and real results.

Recommended BodyHealth Products

Pure Greens

Great tasting, easy mixing Greens are expertly crafted with the perfect balance of organic gluten-free grass juices, vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants rich in Whole Food Vitamins & Minerals, Chlorophyll, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Fiber & Probiotics.

Perfect Aminos

Pure, Essential Amino Acids in a form that is both 99% utilized (5x more anabolic protein synthesis) and fully absorbed within 20-30 minutes! PerfectAmino is 100% vegan and Non-GMO.

Plant Protein

Plant Protein is easily digested and perfectly balanced with the cleanest, highest quality protein blend. It mixes well with Greens to create a delicious, nutrient dense, low calorie meal replacement shake.

BodyHealth Product Information Links: 

          BodyHealth Greens               Relief             Plant Protein              Omega-3 Fish Oil            Immune Defense                                             

                          Reds                          Perfect Aminos – Tablets                           Perfect Aminos – Powder

Fullscript - High Quality supplements direct to you

At Meridian Acupuncture you can order professional-grade supplements through Fullscript – our online dispensary. Through Fullscript you have access to quality supplements, timely re-ordering reminders, and drop shipping to your door. This helps you stay on track with your  treatment plans and protocols. Unlike other retailers, Fullscript guarantees products are never past expiry, counterfeit, or stored incorrectly.


We all need a quality multi-vitamin, highly absorbable vitamin B, C, D and more. High quality supplements means better absorption so that your body gets what it needs for optimal health.

General Wellness

Need to boost your immune system? Want a quality magnesium for bone health? Need an anti-viral spray? Choose from a variety of products that support your health.

Symptom Specific

If your health practitioner has recommended supplements for specific conditions (adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, prenatal support, inflammation and more) you will find those here as well.

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