Health Inspiration, Affirmation and Gratitude Journal

By dedicating a few minutes each day to journaling, you’ll experience amazing results. Within these pages, you’ll find a wealth of inspiring health quotes, important advice, and empowering affirmations. Reflect on each one and jot down two or three thoughts about how it may apply to you. Identify small actions you can take to improve your habits or mindset, as even tiny changes can lead to significant results. Or, simply write what’s on your heart and mind that day. Feel free to flip through the journal randomly or pick one that resonates with you at the moment.

Simplify the process by asking yourself, “Does this action support the life I’m trying to create?” Habits shape your sense of self. This self-reflection leads to awareness, which is the key to changing your life!

Appreciate both big and small things. Enjoy simple pleasures, like petting a cat or relaxing in the sunshine. Make it a game to observe interesting and innovative things in your day, appreciating and noting them in your journal. Notice things you normally take for granted. “Gratitude helps us see what’s there instead of what isn’t.” – Annette Bridges

Feeling grateful also has the power to positively transform your biochemistry. By fostering a mindset of appreciation and focusing on the good, you stimulate the release of beneficial neurotransmitters and hormones, creating a cascade of positive physiological effects that contribute to your overall well-being.

Shift your focus to positive thoughts, as negative ones only weigh you down. Let go of guilt and criticism, and make space for a healthier and fuller life. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself, as you would be with a toddler learning to walk. Remember, “Progress, not perfection,” is a wonderful motto to live by.

Embrace this journal as your companion on the path to your best life! May it guide you to more joy, gratitude, and personal growth.

To your health and happiness,

Chantelle DeShazer, L.Ac., Ph.D., M.T.O.M

What's inside my journal

Here’s a sample journal entry.

Here’s a typical page with an inspiring quote with space to write down your thoughts either based on the quote or anything that’s on your mind. 

The back page is blank for more space to write your thoughts.

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