Doctors Won’t Tell You About These Toxins in Your Shampoo

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Keeping toxins away from our family can be challenging, especially when so many poisons lurk in unsuspecting places. You might assume that foods are the only way toxins can get in our body.  Unfortunately,  there are toxins found in our shampoo that can be more harmful than those found in our food.

Here are the list of the top 5 toxic ingredients that you should check in your shampoos and conditioner labels:

Toxic Ingredient #1: SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE:

This ingredient is linked to irritation of skin and eyes, organ toxicity, development/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, ecotoxicological, and biochemical or cellular changes, possible mutations and cancer.

Toxic Ingredient #2: DIOXANE:

Identified as one of the 216 chemicals linked to breast cancer in rodents.

Toxic Ingredient #3: DIETHANOLAMINE or DEA:

DEA blocks absorption of the nutrient choline, which is vital to brain development.

Toxic Ingredient #4: MSG

You’ve been told to avoid MSG in your food, right? Often secretly hidden and referred to as amino acids, yeast extract, nayad, glutamic acid, or glutamates.

Toxic Ingredient #5: PROPYLENE GLYCOL

A strong skin irritant and can also cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

If You’re Avoiding Toxins in Your Food, Remember Your Shampoo and Conditioner, Too.

Everything you consume passes through your liver and kidneys. In the foods you eat, the pesticides that are present in fruit and vegetables are broken down with the enzymes present in your saliva and will be flushed out of your body.

Our skin is our largest organ. The products we put directly on our skin are absorbed through our bloodstream and tissues. These products bypass the filtration of the  liver and  kidneys, therefore our body has very little protection.

With the shampoo or conditioner that we use,  there are twenty blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings that have exposure to these toxins.

Products  We Need to Consider Buying

To protect  your family from these toxins,  opt for more natural, organic products. Available in natural health food stores, they are a lot safer for our environment and  for our whole family.  Some experts say, “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!”.  Dr. Brommer’s and Aubrey are two of my favorites.

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