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Do you ever experience “monkey brain”? Brain fog? Can’t sleep because your mind is racing? I have personally had a significant improvement by following Julia Ross’s advice in her book, The Mood Cure. Between the 5HTP and L- Tyrosine, I notice a huge difference in my sleep and mental focus. Funny, I just accepted my busy mind as an annoying part of my personality, when it has actually been a deficiency in certain amino acids and retraining some mental habits. I’ve noticed L-glutamine reducing sugar cravings in my patients with “sweet tooths.” You may have heard much of the nutrition advice from me and others, but Julia Ross helps to fine-tune the brain chemistry to a new level!

“We’re in a bad mood epidemic. Depression and anxiety have tripled in the last ten years. The Mood Cure explains why and provides the good news that we can feel better emotionally, without the use of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or anti-depressants-and the even better news that we can begin to see the results in just one day. The Mood Cure is a comprehensive natural approach that jump-starts your program with brain-fueling amino acids combined with a high-protein, healthy-fat, veggie-rich diet and other nutritional strategies. Beginning with the 4-part questionnaire to identify your mood type, The Mood Cure will help you to: *Lift the dark cloud of depression *Blast the blahs *Cool anxiety and stress *Comfort oversensitive feelings *Let go of emotional eating *Recover from addictions *Find reliable alternatives to anti-depressants” from

Caution: if you are on medication please consult with your doctor to work with you on using the recommendations in this book.

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