Immune Defense Protocol to Survive the Holidays

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Immune Defense Protocol

  1. According to Chinese medicine, the lungs do not like cold or dryness. The mucus membranes protect us from the germs. So sip water every 15 minutes (Japanese doctors say, “Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes at least. WHY? Even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other liquids will WASH them down through your esophagus into the stomach. Once they are in your stomach, your stomach ACID will kill all the virus”).Drink warm immune boosting teas, throat coat tea, eat warm soups instead of iced drinks.
  2.  Humidity: get a hygrometer ($10 on Amazon) to measure your room’s humidity. Ideal is 40-60%. Air out room to prevent mold. Use humidifier and add Thieves blend (or I read 1:4 parts hydrogen peroxide to water in the humidifier) Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit study
  3.  Be mindful of getting chilled. It weakens your Wei Qi, or your protective qi. We all know how uncomfortable it is to sit under an air vent. Wear a scarf around your neck and wrap around mouth to breathe warm air if going out in the cold.
  4. Take mushroom immunity blend. Take an adrenal formula (I like Natura or Gaia brands – you can order through Fullscript)
  5. Take Chinese herbal immunity blend, such as Jade Windscreen or at least astragulus.
  6. Use xylitol with grapefruit nasal spray nightly to prevent the germs from multiplying overnight.
  7. Use saline eye drops, saline or xylitol nasal spray, and gargle every 2-3 hours. This prevents your mucus membranes from drying out and rinses out any germs trying to multiply.
  8. Cellercise – bouncing on this mini trampoline increases the lymph flow.
  9. Use a dry brush for a lymph massage (see Dry Brushing article)
  10. Supplements : Nutragen- concentrated food for keeping the body healthy. I do 2 shots of Pure greens per day. A-Omega fish oil helps strengthen the cell wall, which helps protect against the viruses from penetrating the cell.
  11. Strengthen your gut- 70% of your immune system is in your gut.
  12. Nutragen Pure Digestion, various probiotics, fermented foods will help fortify the microbiome. Other supplements to consider: Vit C (I like lipospheric), Zinc, garlic, colloidal silver, and Vit D3. Doses depend on your individual needs
  13. Reduce sugar. Sugar impedes the immune system.
  14. Come in for immune boosting, calming acupuncture treatments.
  15. Remember the lifestyle basics to nurture immunity: sleep, exercise, meditation, laughter, eating whole foods and minimizing stress (including less news and social media).

Do your best to stay calm, healthy and happy. Remember: Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.


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