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Thank you for ordering blood-work. Direct Labs will send you an email typically within a few business days. It will be from DLS (Direct Lab Services) subject “Your Requisition”. If you do not receive it within 4 business days, please check your junk email file first, then call us at 619-325-0771. Please also make sure you have filled out and given me your Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF) so that I have it when I receive the blood-work. Please include your email and phone number on this form so I have them easily accessible.
DLS will give you a username and password to go on their site and print your requisition form. Then please locate a convenient lab by following the instructions below on the DLS website (

Step 1 – click tests, click lab locations

Step 2 – enter zip code

Step 3 – choose a location

Print your requisition form and bring it with you to the lab. You do not pay them, as you’ve already paid for the blood-work.
Please do a 12-hour fast by eating dinner at 7:30, for example, and nothing else to eat or drink (except water) until 7:30 am when you get the blood taken. Plan for 12 hours. 13 hours are ok but over that your glucose drops a bit too much. Allow a little time for a short wait at the lab. Drink your normal amount of water in the morning so you’re not dehydrated but no coffee, nanogreens, vitamins, or breath mints. Eat your normal diet the day before. Excessively fatty foods can change the lipid results.

Bring something with you to the lab to eat right after having the blood taken. Results are sent to me within a few business days. I analyze them and write a report. Then we set aside time to discuss the best treatment action plan for you based on your results.

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