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  1. Water is the main source of energy, reduces fatigue
  2. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside every cell of the body
  3. Water increases the immune system’s efficiency in the bone marrow, where it is formed-and all its mechanisms including its          efficiency against cancer
  4. Water transports all substances in the body
  5. Water clears toxic waste from different parts of the body and takes it to the liver and kidneys for disposal
  6. Water is the main lubricant in the joint spaces and prevents both arthritis and back pain
  7. Water is used in the spinal discs to make them “shock- absorbing water cushions”
  8. Water is the best lubricating laxative and prevents constipation
  9. Water reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
  10. Water gives power and electrical energy for all brain functions, most particularly thinking, helping to reduce memory loss.
  11. Water expands your attention span
  12. Water reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  13. Water restores normal sleep rhythms
  14. Water reverses addictive urges including those for caffeine, alcohol and certain drugs
  15. Water reduces the incidence of morning sickness in pregnancy

(From You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! By F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.)

Drink ½ your weight in oz of water everyday!

  1. Fill up containers the night before. Always have water with you.
  2. Drink a big glass first thing before you get out of bed. Drink at every red light.
  3. Set reminders on your phone to drink. Use a quart container and make a goal of 1 by noon, 1 by 5pm.

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